Will A-Prince Get Slapped Again in their Latest Teaser for “Kiss Scene?”

2014-03-25 20:49:28 2014-03-25 20:49:28

The release of A-Prince‘s initial video teasers for their comeback song, “Kiss Scene” caused many to be jolted with shock as each members were slapped by comedian Oh Na Mi. As the video teasers garnered attention for the different approach in which A-Prince had tried to promote their upcoming song, we couldn’t help but flinch in preparation during the latest teaser video for “Kiss Scene.” 

In the latest video, all five members were seen sporting bright orange hairstyles that contrasted to their green suits. Leader Sung Won introduced the song by expressing, “It is a song that is about capturing a woman’s heart,” and suddenly turned to the comedian and said, “With this in mind I wanted to ask you, ‘Do you want to kiss?'” Showing embarrassment, Oh Na Mi shyly stated, “Don’t do that~” while gently hitting Sung Won. Thankfully no painful slap, right? Nope, we sighed a relief too soon as all of a sudden the comedian yelled “Stop it!” and once again slapped the singer. With the other members laughing Sung Won stated, “It’s because we want to get popular!” and with that statement A-Prince and Oh Na Mi danced briefly to Sistar 19‘s “Gone Not Around Any Longer,” before the teaser showed a short audio clip of the new song “Kiss Scene.”

Before we start throwing the tomatoes at the female comedian, the ending of the teaser showed Oh Na Mi apologizing for slapping Sung Won, displaying how the slaps were scripted. Hopefully A-Prince won’t have to endure any more slaps as the group will make their comeback on March 28.