HyunA on Her Agency’s Dating Policy: “They Encourage Us to Date”

2014-03-26 01:17:39 2014-03-26 01:17:39

On the March 25 episode of MnetBeatles Code 3D,” HyunA and her fellow 4Minute members appeared with project group ToHeart, and revealed her agency’s dating policy.

While talking about ideal types and dating perspectives, host Shin Dong Yup asked HyunA if 4Minute’s dating restrictions have been lifted yet, at which she responded, “There were no dating restrictions to begin with. Because there are no rumors about us, they actually encourage us to date.”

Also in the episode, HyunA received mixed responses from viewers, after she suddenly pulled some lipstick from her jacket and applied it during the show, and at one point laid her head down on the table. Some netizens responded, saying that she hasn’t changed at all, criticizing her actions and saying that it’s not appropriate broadcast behavior, while others commented that it was really funny, and that it looked like she was shooting a lipstick ad.