Sonnet Son (Song Seung Yeon) Releases “I’m Okay, Now” Teaser

2014-03-26 22:51:15 2014-03-26 22:51:15

Widely recognized for her “Let It Go” cover, Son Seung Yeon a.k.a. Sonnet Son released a teaser for upcoming music video for “I’m Okay, Now” on March 27 KST. 

Her agency stated, “About 500 participants from the general public contributed to Sonnet Son’s newest music video, which we will be revealing very soon.” 

Sonnet Son’s music video will be released on April 1 and is about moving past a breakup and the feelings associated with it. 

The producers and staff of the music video collected responses from 500 seoul citizens who were asked to share about how they knew they were finally over their previous ex. 

Staff representatives also added, “We were able to gather many stories, since everyone has gone through it. All of the strips of paper the participants used to share their stories and their thoughts will be featured in the music video. Even the staff were moved by what the participants wrote.” 

The teaser clip features a couple of these participants, who hold up strips of paper with their responses written on them. Some of the shared messages read, “When you no longer seek alcohol after thinking about that person” and “When your heart flutters while looking at a different person.” 

Check out the teaser clip below! 

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