VIXX’s Hong Bin Cast in “Glorious Day” opposite Rainbow’s Go Woori

2014-03-26 09:30:29 2014-03-26 09:30:29
Hong Bin

VIXX’s Hong Bin will be joining the cast of SBS weekend drama “Glorious Day,” as confirmed by broadcasting representatives.

He will play the role of a high schooler and fitting model (one who models the clothes seen on internet shopping malls), and will be working with Rainbow’s Go Woori, who was cast a week ago.

“Glorious Day” is a drama about a mother who has single-handedly raised her three daughters, and her struggle to find good husbands for her children. Choi Bul Am, Kim Mi Sook, Hwang Woo Seul Hye, Park Se Young, Go Woori and Hong Bin have been cast in the drama.

At the drama’s helm are PD Hong Sung Chang (SBS “King of Dramas” and “You’re Beautiful”) and writer Moon Hee Jung (MBC “Can You Hear My Heart,” “I Miss You,” SBS “Smile, You”).