3.5 Million Fans Vote to Give Specific Colors to Infinite Members

2014-03-27 23:48:09 2014-03-27 23:48:09

For the past two months, Infinite‘s fans have been diligently voting to give specific colors to each Infinite member. Through the project “Color of Infinite,” fans had the opportunity to go to Infinite’s official homepage and try on different colors for each member. As the homepage showed how each color looked on the members, fans were able to ultimately vote on which colors to assign each member. 


In the end, seven different colors were chosen after 3.5 million votes had been calculated. Leader Sung Kyu was assigned poppy red, Dongwoo was green grass, Woohyun was dazzling blue, Hoya was royal lilac, Sungyeol was honey suckle, L was black, and Sungjong was solar pow. 


So what are these special colors for? Infinite’s agency Woolim Entertainment expressed, “We will show different projects using the colors that fans have selected.” Furthermore, among the fans who had participated in the voting process, 100 lucky fans were chosen to receive a special gift. The present was none other than the gold version of Infinite’s first full album, “Over the Top.”


With the gold version being officially out of print, the albums were a great present as they currently are being sold for high prices due to their rarity in the music market.

Currently, Infinite is preparing for their April comeback after wrapping up their world tour encore concert. 

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