Fans Choose Which Male Idol Groups Are the Most Likely to Still be Together in 10 Years

2014-03-27 04:33:58 2014-03-27 04:33:58

An online community portal site, DC Inside (, conducted a survey from March 18 to March 25 asking, “Which male idol group do you think is most likely to be together and actively promoting in the next 10 years?”

The results showed JYJ in the No. 1 spot with 40.1% of the votes (1,215 votes out of 3,029 votes). JYJ is consists of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu, who formed a trio in after leaving the five-member group, TVXQ, which debuted in 2009. All of the members have been promoting individually through solo albums, starring in musicals, dramas, and films.

Another group that made it on the list was TVXQ with 504 votes (16.6%). The five-member group became a duo in 2011 with U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin as the remaining members. In No. 3 was BIG BANG with 188 votes (6.2%). Other groups included in the ranking were Shinhwa, SHINee, Infinite, and B1A4.