Lee Jong Suk Apologizes for Ignoring Fan’s Gift at Airport

2014-03-27 19:34:24 2014-03-27 19:34:24
lee jong suk

Amongst heavy criticism from netizens, actor Lee Jong Suk apologized for the incident at the airport where he was captured on photo, looking very much as if he was ignoring a gift from his fan.

On March 28, the actor posted a letter of apology on his fan site, where he said, “I just finished my schedule, so I’m just now realizing what happened. First of all, I’m very very sorry for alarming everyone. It makes me sad because I feel this was in contradiction to things I’ve said and done in the past, and I’m scared that what I do now will just seem like a lie.”

He went on, “Regardless, it was completely my wrongdoing, so there’s no room for excuses, but I feel the need to say something to my fans. Because I am a main ‘product’ of our agency, there is some overprotection that I was concerned about, and there was some trouble during my schedule in Hong Kong, as well.”

“I didn’t see the fan [that tried to give me a gift], and when someone pulled on my arm, I thought that of course it was my manager, and pulled my arm away. I had no idea it was a fan. Because there were a lot of reporters, I was flustered, and couldn’t control my expression. I think it was a fan that I’ve never seen before, and I’m really really sorry. It was my fault. I’ll do better from now on.”

lee jong suk