NS Yoonji Is Sexy in Black for Her Latest Comeback Teaser

2014-03-27 20:26:55 2014-03-27 20:26:55
ns yoonji

NS Yoonji has done a little bit more and gone a little bit further with her latest comeback teaser. In her first teaser, released on March 25, she  revealed her sleek body line in a white bathing suit, with a promise at the end for ‘a little bit more,’ and she has done good on her promise.

In the latest teaser, she is wearing tight, revealing black outfits, and we get a glimpse into the new choreography for the song, with silhouetted female dancers as well as a cut of NS Yoonji and her dancers. 

The teaser also gives us a longer clip of the song, with more vocals, as opposed to the previous teaser. 

Check the new teaser out below!