Over 2000 Fans Flock to Beijing Airport to See Park Shi Hoo

2014-03-27 05:48:33 2014-03-27 05:48:33

They even cancelled his interview for safety!

Actor Park Shi Hoo arrived in China through the Beijing airport on March 25 for a press conference for his Chinese movie “Scent.” Over 2000 fans flocked to the airport to catch a glimpse of the actor, heavily crowding the airport. Because of the sheer number of fans that came out, public safety officers were called in, and Park Shi Hoo’s scheduled interview at the airport was cancelled, as well, for safety concerns.

Park Shi Hoo’s agency Hoo Factory said, “We are surprised and very thankful for the unchanging love and attention that the Chinese fans are giving Park Shi Hoo.”

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