Rookie Band Jace Releases Acoustic Version of Debut Single “Come Up”

2014-03-27 22:23:47 2014-03-27 22:23:47

Rookie band Jace released an acoustic version of their debut single “Come Up” on March 27, following up on the official music video that was released on March 18.

The band is led at the vocals and guitar by Seung Hyun, also known for his role as Park Hae Jin’s younger counterpart in “Man From the Stars.” On guitar is Do Hyun, on drums is Young Sup, and on bass is Sang Eun, who also wrote and composed “Come Up,” proving himself a talented artist even before the band’s official debut.

The acoustic version music video features Seung Hyun on guitar and vocals, and Sang Eun, who also sings.

Check out the music video below!

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