Sonnet Son Releases Hopeful Music Video for “I’m Okay Now”

2014-03-27 20:39:24 2014-03-27 20:39:24
sonnet son

Sonnet Son (Son Seung Yeon) released the music video for her latest single, “I’m Okay Now,” through 1theK‘s official YouTube channel.

Sonnet Son wowed audiences in Korea during her time on “The Voice Korea.” Now as an official singer, Sonnet Son is determined to win over the country again with her powerful and emotional voice. Her cover of “Let It Go” has already received over 3 million views on YouTube and was in the running for best cover in a contest held by Ryan Seacrest

“I’m Okay Now” has a vintage ballad sound, with a vintage inspired music video to match. The song was produced by one of Korea’s best, “Fish in the Water.” The song is about moving past a break up and the producers and staff of the music video collected responses from 500 Seoul citizens who were asked to share about how they knew they were finally over their previous ex. 

Staff representatives also added, “We were able to gather many stories, since everyone has gone through it. All of the strips of paper the participants used to share their stories and their thoughts will be featured in the music video. Even the staff were moved by what the participants wrote.”