TINT Releases “Wolf Is Stupid” Featuring Teen Top’s Chunji

2014-03-27 02:02:55 2014-03-27 02:02:55

Girl group TINT has released the full music video for their new single “Wolf Is Stupid”!

The music video brings the the fairy tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” to life and gives it a modern and unexpected twist, showing the girls dressed in red capes following the wolf around.

It was announced previously by the group’s agency that Teen Top‘s Chunji will be featuring in TINT’s new single, with their agency describing him as a “unexpected wolf.” Many expected to see the Teen Top member in the music video, but he is nowhere to be found, unless he is the wolf with the mask on. But we are not given any definitive answer.

With men metaphorically described as wolves in Korean culture, the song “Wolf Is Stupid” describes how men often don’t understand women. It is composed by Park Hyun Joong (똘아이박), Peter Pan, and Crazy Girl (미친 기집). 

“Wolf Is Stupid” drops March 28.