“Daddy, Where Are We Going?” Honors Kim Jin Pyo’s Decision to Leave the Show

2014-03-29 19:22:15 2014-03-29 19:22:15
Kim Jin Pyo and daughter, Daddy, Where are we Going?

MBC’s variety program, “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” made an official announcement saying it had decided to honor Kim Jin Pyo’s decision to leave the show.

A rep of the show stated on March 29, “Singer Kim Jin Pyo has expressed his intention to voluntarily leave the show. Kim Jin Pyo made his best efforts to fit into the show, but has decided his efforts were not enough. He announced his intention to leave the show, and after much consideration, the production staff has decided to respect his decision.”

The rep stated on behalf of Kim Jin Pyo, “I’m sorry and regretful we won’t be able to stay until the end. Although we only went on five trips together, I am grateful for the opportunity that helped me to learn more about my relationship with my child. I would also like to thank the production team and the five fathers on the show who trusted me and helped me.”

Kim Jin Pyo and daughter Kim Kyu Won’s last appearance on the show will be the “Family Special,” which will air on April 6. The show will continue the season with the five remaining families.