DJ DOC to Host tvN’s “SNL Korea”

2014-03-29 13:35:59 2014-03-29 13:35:59

DJ DOC has confirmed to host tvN’s “SNL Korea.”

According to the show’s rep on March 29, “DJ DOC will be hosting the show on April 5. There is a high possibility that the show will be rated 19+ (unsuitable for persons under 19) for the first time this season. The final decision will be made following DJ DOC’s decision.”

Last summer, DJ DOC hosted a 19+ poolside party with 4 Minute’s HyunA, and many of their songs have been rated 19+ as well. Taking this into consideration, it is possible that “SNL Korea” will also restrict teenage viewers for the DJ DOC episode.

“SNL Korea” decided to lower the minimum viewer age restriction to 15+ at the start of Season 2. Some viewers have expressed their disappointment towards this decision.

“SNL Korea” disclosed earlier saying, “We will be keeping 15+ as the standard rating. However, we will keep the option of changing the rating to 19+ taking into consideration the opinion of the guest hosts.”

DJ DOC, nicknamed “The Bad Boys of K-Pop” is expected to create skits relating to some of the events they were involved in in the past.

“SNL Korea” airs every Saturday at 9:50 PM, KST.