“Infinity Challenge” Accepts Beautiful Actress Into Cheerleading Team

2014-03-29 18:56:18 2014-03-29 18:56:18
cheerleading team

It has been reported a beautiful actress was accepted into MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” cheerleading team.

The show airing on March 29 will show one-on-one interview sessions with applicants who want to join the “Infinity Challenge” cheerleading team

The “Infinity Challenge” team was busy recruiting people to join the cheerleading team to support the Korean soccer team at the World Cup, which will take place in Brazil in June. Jung Hyung Don, who was chosen as the head recruiter, prepared interviews with multiple candidates working in various fields of entertainment. Yoo Jae Suk, the leader of the cheerleading team, was impressed by Jung Hyung Don’s ability to recruit a distinguished group of candidates. 

Candidates had to possess an extensive list of qualifications including dance, singing, and physical strength in order to join the “Infinity Challenge” cheerleading team. They were also required to reveal their relationship status as well as their food habits. Anticipation about the actress who also has the dance moves that made all of the cast members screaming “Pass!” is on the rise.

Meanwhile, “Infinity Challenge” cheer song, which was written and composed by Gil, will also be revealed on the show. The show airs 6:25 PM, KST.

cheerleading team