Shin Bora Praises Honey Lee for Her “Miss Korea” Figure

2014-03-29 07:50:52 2014-03-29 07:50:52

Shin Bora recently praised Honey Lee on the latest episode of MBC entertainment program “Four Sons, One Daughter.” 

On the March 28 broadcast of “Four Sons, One Daughter,” Geum Gary’s family went to the public bathhouse with Kim Gura, Kim Min Jong, Seo Jang Hoon, Kim Jae Won, and Honey Lee. Shin Bora also made a guest appearance on the show. 

On that particular episode, Lee Honey and Shin Bora assumed the roles of filial daughters, helping their “mother” apply some cosmetics after they had finished washing up.

Afterwards, Shin Bora remarked, “That girl isn’t ‘Miss Korea’ for nothing. She struck this pose that said, ‘I am Honey Lee.’ Even when she walked around in the public bathhouse, she exuded such confidence. She has an amazing figure.” 

According to Shin Bora, Honey Lee’s figure appeared the prettiest during their fun stretching session.