M.I.B Releases “Chisa Bounce” MV and Second Studio Album “The Maginot Line”

2014-03-30 22:21:04 2014-03-31 01:49:29

 Hip hop group M.I.B has released the full music video of their title track “Chisa Bounce” for their second studio album, “The Maginot Line.”

M.I.B has described their new album as a “very important album” and a “turning point” in their careers. The album has a total of 11 tracks. Title track “Chisa Bounce” is a mixed genre song of electronic and hip hop. The lyrics are written by M.I.B, and the song is composed and arranged by member 5Zic.

M.I.B already held their showcase on March 27, at which member Cream appeared wearing a cast but still giving his all for the show despite his injury.

M.I.B’s official comeback stage will take place on April 2 in Japan, where MNet’s “Global M!Countdown” is held. 

“The Maginot Line” full album is out today through online music stores and offline.


M.I.B has also released today a music video filming sketch as well as an album jacket photoshoot sketch video.