Orange Caramel’s Nana Displays Natural Beauty for DHC Skincare Photoshoot

2014-03-30 02:01:33 2014-03-30 02:01:33

Orange Caramel‘s Nana displays her natural and unaltered beauty for a photo shoot for skincare company DHC. The photos shows Nana looking very different from her stage look. Instead of the cute and colorful style of Orange Caramel, Nana goes for a natural and sexy look with her straight brown hair and white tank top.

The photos show why Nana was ranked second in a poll for the world’s most beautiful face. Her group Orange Caramel is a sub unit of After School.

Nana’s skin looks flawless as she poses for the camera. 


The star looks lovely in the picture below, but what is that mysterious hand doing?


In recent news, the three members of Orange Caramel revealed that they feel comfortable being naked at home.

Below is Orange Caramel performing their recent single “Catallena” on the March 28 episode of KBS2’s Music Bank