Jung Il Woo Reveals Uee Wanted to Kiss More on “Golden Rainbow”?

2014-03-31 02:42:05 2014-03-31 02:42:05

The MBC entertainment news show “Section TV Entertainment News” went to the finale dinner for the weekend drama “Golden Rainbow” where they caught up with the stars of the show, which includes Jung Il Woo and After School’s Uee.

When the reporter commented to Uee, “There were many kiss scenes,” Uee gave a shy smile. In “Golden Rainbow,” Uee and Jung Il Woo’s characters kissed often in various situations, such as when they were happy or sad, or giving a intense kiss or just a peck. Uee explained, “I think there were more scenes where we kissed while crying.” Uee also responded boldly, “I went straight through with the first take,” when asked if there were a lot of NGs.

At Uee’s answer, Jung Il Woo expressed surprise and jokingly revealed that Uee wanted to film the kiss scenes many times, saying, “You did it with one shot? You said you wanted to shoot [the scene] more!” 

“Golden Rainbow” aired its final episode yesterday, Sunday March 30. “Hotel King” starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hae takes over its timeslot on MBC.

What did you guys think of Uee and Jung Il Woo’s chemistry on the drama?

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