Park Hae Jin Will Sue 100 More People for False Rumors

2014-03-31 21:12:15 2014-03-31 23:31:26

On March 30, MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment News” updated viewers on actor Park Hae Jin‘s charges against those who had spread false rumors regarding his personal life. The broadcast revealed that the Busan District Prosecutor Office had charged Mr./Ms. Lee with defamation of Park Hae Jin and had fined Lee for 1.5 million won (about 1,408 USD). Previously, Lee had spread hurtful false rumors online regarding the actor by falsely claiming to be a high school colleague of Park Hae Jin. 

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Furthermore, although the actor had been exempt from military service due to his depression, anti-fans (antis) have posted false rumors and claims. In regards to the hateful online remarks, Park Hae Jin commented, “I feel like I’m someone who has committed a crime because of the hateful and false rumors spread by antis, which the news outlets have seemed to have picked up and distributed. I am sorry to my family and am very apologetic towards them.”

Despite the military exemption having been officially cleared, the hateful comments have continued, causing the actor to continue with his civil case against the people who have spread false claims. A representative of Park Hae Jin stated, “We thought that one day it will be okay and so we didn’t bother, but as the days passed the rumors became truth to the media. More than anyone else, the actor’s family has been very shocked.” When asked about the 30 extra people who were added  in the defamation charges, the representative said, “It’s not just 30 people that we will press charges against, but it is the 100 people who have commented with false statements in the news articles. We must to do this, and we will enter a civil case.” 

We hope for the best resolution for Park Hae Jin and his family. Recently, the actor finished filming for the SBS drama “Man from the Star.”

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