Yeo Jin Goo and Yoon Shi Yoon Both Want to Do a Romance with Go Hyun Jung

2014-03-31 01:20:12 2014-03-31 07:08:06
yeo jin goo

On the March 31 episode of SBS’s “Good Morning Entertainment Special,” actors Yoon Shin Yoon and Yeo Jin Goo, stars of the new film “Mr. Perfect,” both picked Go Hyun Jung as the actress that they most want to work with.

Specifically, they were asked, “Which actress do you most want to act in a romance with?” Yoon Shi Yoon replied first that he really wants to work with Go Hyun Jung, and Yeo Jin Goo, surprised, said that he’s always felt the same way, as well. Yoon Shi Yoon said, “Let’s do it together. I’ll be the oldest, and you can be my younger brother.” Yeo Jin Goo joked, “Then is Go Hyun Jung our older sister?” at which Yoon Shi Yoon, taken aback, said, “Let’s not be related.”

In other news, the new film “Mr. Perfect,” starring Yoon Shi Yoon and Yeo Jin Goo, will hit theaters on April 3. Read more about the movie here!

yeo jin goo