SM Entertainment Explains Hyoyeon’s Assault Rumors Are a Misunderstanding

2014-04-01 03:36:15 2014-04-01 23:32:53

This may sound like an April Fool’s joke, but many major Koreans news sources are reporting that Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon took playful fighting too far and ended up at a police station for assault. SM Entertainment quickly released a statement clarifying that this was all from a misunderstanding.

According to news reports, Hyoyeon was goofing around with a male friend, playfully hitting the person. It seemed that it went too far, and she hurt her friend. The friend became angry and filed an assault report at the police station. The Yongsan Police Station released a statement confirming that an official report had been filed, but no further action taken because of the minor circumstances. 

SM Entertainment released an official statement to this incident:

“Hello, this is SM Entertainment. This is a response to the articles going around today about Girls’ Generation. It seems that a misunderstanding happened between member Hyoyeon and an acquaintance while they were goofing around that lead to a police report. The misunderstanding has been promptly cleared with the acquaintance, and the incident has been resolved. We received warning not to joke around too much from the police, and we will take care to prevent future misunderstandings.” 

The friend who filed the report, later took back his statement saying, “I was hit while we were goofing around and filed a report, but I realized later that she must not have done it on purpose.” 

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