Teen Top’s Changjo Looks like He Just Jumped out of a Fashion Magazine

2014-04-01 00:48:07 2014-04-01 00:48:07

You know those images that make you do a once over? This is one of them. 

Teen Top member Changjo catches your eye with his selca showing him drinking a cup of morning coffee after a refreshing show. Changjo wrote on his Twitter March 31, “Last performance. A cup of coffee after washing my hair in the morning.” In the picture, Changjo wears a clean white shirt that catches the sunlight of the new day and emphasizes his dark hair and eyes. Changjo might as well be shooting a fashion magazine pictorial! The concept – Modern Prince Charming in White

teen top changjo

Teen Top is currently busy touring a total of 20 cities through their “Teen Top 2014 World Tour High Kick.” The tour lasts until July.