YoonA and Sunny Get Their Eats On in Itaewon

2014-04-01 09:11:03 2014-04-01 09:11:03
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Girls’ Generation members YoonA and Sunny got their eats on in Itaewon.

On March 31, Sunny posted some mouth-watering photos of all their food on Instagram, with the caption, “Because we had some time while filming. My first date out with YoonA in a long time. The food at Suk Chun oppa’s restaurant was so good. Full. Back to filming after food, go go!”

Alongside all the pictures of food is a selfie of YoonA and Sunny, with a picture of Hong Suk Chun hanging in the background. Netizens who saw the photo commented, “YoonA and Sunny’s Itaewon date, I want to go, too!” “The food at Hong Suk Chun’s restaurant really is good,” “I’m jealous,” etc.

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