Crayon Pop’s “Uh-ee” Ruled Unfit for Broadcast Due to Japanese Lyrics

2014-04-02 23:11:57 2014-04-10 00:58:17

Girl group Crayon Pop’s new song “Uh-ee” was ruled unfit for broadcast by KBS. This was due to the song’s use of “bbikka bbunjjuk,” which is the Japanese style expression for the Korean equivalent of “bbunjjuk bbunjjuk,” meaning ‘shiny.’ In the reviews done by MBC and SBS, however, these lyrics did not pose any problem.

Crayon Pop’s agency Chrome Entertainment said that they’ve changed the lyrics to “bbunjjuk bbunjjuk” and requested another review of the song by KBS.

“Uh-ee” is Crayon Pop’s first single since their song “Bar Bar Bar” last June, and is a light-hearted song that features a trot-inspired melody and comical dance.

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