Girl’s Day Hyeri Draws on Her Face Using Sojin’s Makeup

2014-04-02 23:11:32 2014-04-02 23:11:32

You know those scenes where a young girl somehow finds her mother’s makeup bag and starts to draw on her face? The exact thing happened with Girl’s Day‘s Sojin as her makeup was used for other purposes by fellow member Hyeri.

girl's day

On March 30, Sojin wrote on her Twitter, “Lee Hyeri. Drew on her face with my makeup. 4 year old mind. She’s young. Aigoo pretty.” Along with the message, the singer posted a collage with four photos of Hyeri posing with her silly makeup. The photos showed Hyeri with a drawn on black button nose and whiskers that resembled a cat. Wearing a dark top and cap, the singer showed her child like, mischievous expression, validating the Girl’s Day’s youngest member’s childlike mind. 

Girl’s Day wrapped up their promotional activities for “Something” after receiving much love and recognition. Yet, it seems like ‘something’ is always going on even when the group is not on stage!