Han Sun Hwa Stills Looks Gorgeous Without Eye-Makeup In Recent Selcas

2014-04-02 19:22:01 2014-04-02 19:22:01

Secret’s Han Sun Hwa recently posted four pictures of her selca on her Twitter. Along with the pictures, she wrote, “Without eye makeup! Please watch tonight’s episode of God’s Gift-14 Days.”

The idol singer currently appears on this very drama she is promoting and is garnering much interest and praise from the audience with her acting skills. While other idol singers tend to star in various dramas despite not having any experience in acting, the fact that Han Sun Hwa is making her acting debut with  a small role is very much praised by the netizens as well.

Han Sun Hwa plays the role of “Jenny,” a boisterous yet kind-hearted girl con-artist, who after being jailed five times, is hired as a fraud detection expert.

Han Sun Hwa selca