Sean: I Have Never Fought with Jung Hye Young in Our 10 Years of Marriage

2014-04-02 02:04:41 2014-04-02 02:04:41

We know that power couple Sean and Jung Hye Young are amazing inside and out, but it’s hard to believe that these two have never fought. Previously in other shows and programs the JinuSean member has stated that he and Jung Hye Young have never fought throughout their relationship before and after marriage. Yet, that statement was made several years ago, so it’s expected that such circumstances might have changed, right? Nope, Sean has once again confirmed that after 10 years of marriage he and his wife have never fought.


On the April 2 broadcast of SBS‘ “Good Morning,” the program showed the rapper lecturing on the topic of “Beautiful Family.” During the lecture, Sean stated, “Many people ask if we have ever had a couple’s fight. However, we have never fought, and we don’t plan on fighting in the future.”

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Furthermore, the rapper added, “When I proposed, I did it with the heart to make Hye Young happy forever. I am trying my best to protect that statement throughout my life. I believe that the best man in this world is a man who knows how to love. When I first saw Jung Hye Young, I was sure that I was going to marry this woman. This year marks our 10 years of marriage, and we have yet to experience any boredom in our relationship.”

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Back in 2005, Sean and Jung Hye Young’s relationship surprised the entertainment world as it was viewed as a bad boy rapper marrying an angelic actress. However, time has definitely shown that the marriage was  a match made in heaven, as the couple is busy raising a beautiful family with four children.

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