2Bic Continues the Sports Car Saga in Teaser #2 for “Love Game” Feat. Hong Jin Young

2014-04-03 20:47:31 2014-04-03 20:47:31

Korea’s top vocal duos, 2Bic, released the second music video teaser for their upcoming track, “Love Game” through the 1theK YouTube channel.

In the video, member Ji Hwan has upgraded his previous luxury car to an even nicer red sports car. His friend comically admires his car and offers to call up Hong Jin Young, the beauty from the previous teaser. Just when the two think they have a chance at impressing Hong Jin Young with their ride, Hong Jin Young reveals a surprise of her own. At the end of the teaser we get a clip of the actual music video, showing 2Bic doing what they do best: belting out a powerful r&b song. 

“Love Game” and its music video will be released on April 10.