Hyoyeon’s Supposed Friend Who Called the Cops Revealed to be Boyfriend of Two Years

2014-04-03 19:20:51 2014-04-03 19:20:51

April 1 started with surprising news about Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and her supposed assault charges. However, the singer’s agency SM Entertainment had released a statement clarifying the incident as a ‘happening’ that had resulted in a misunderstanding between friends. Yet, SM Entertainment further announced that the agency would be pursuing legal charges against those who had spread false rumors regarding Hyoyeon’s police investigation.

However, on April 4, Sports Seoul revealed that the supposed friend that had called the cops on the Girls’ Generation member was none other than Hyoyeon’s boyfriend, writer Kim Joon Hyung. Previously, it was reported that the singer had been dating the writer who was 10 years older, but such claims were denied. Through the new revelation that the friend who called the cops due to misunderstandings was Kim Joon Hyung, Sports Seoul also revealed that the two had been dating for two years.

With the surprising news of Hyoyeon’s relationship, many became curious as to the current relationship status of the singer and her writer boyfriend. In a telephone interview with Tenasia, SM Entertainment stated, “Hyoyeon has already broken up with the person (Kim Joon Hyung) in the dating scandal. We are cautious because the person is not a celebrity.”

SM Entertainment had previously released that Hyoyeon and the person who had called the cops on her had resolved their misunderstanding. 

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