Singer Lyn’s Pre-Plastic Surgery Photos Resurface Online

2014-04-03 16:15:31 2014-04-03 16:15:31

Photos of Lyn prior to her plastic surgery is creating a buzz and gaining the interest of many netizens. 

On the April 2 broadcast of MBC’s variety show, “Radio Star,” MC Yoon Jong Shin remarked, “We will not reveal pre-plastic surgery images of Lyn in order to protect our guests.”

However, Yoon Jong Shin’s comment aroused the curiosity of many netizens and photos of the singer before her surgery were revealed on various online community sites.

Lyn bravely admitted a long time ago about going under the knife in order to improve her appearance. On the show, she remarked, “There are so many pretty girls these days. It’s difficult unless you try to do something. The nose job I got 10 years ago is starting to dry up, and it’s giving me psychological stress,” evoking laughter on set. 

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