Choi Jin Hyuk Shows Fatherly Side When Spending Time with Baby from “Emergency Couple”

2014-04-04 00:28:00 2014-04-04 00:28:00

Recent images of actor Choi Jin Hyuk lovingly holding the baby actor from tvN‘s “Emergency Couple” just melted the internet’s heart! The photos of the actor spending time with the baby actor originated from baby actor Kwon Joon Young‘s blog. 

choi jin hyuk

As Kwon Joon Young acts (or more like sits there looking extremely adorable) as Gook, the child received much love off screen from the other actors and staff. Along with the photos, the baby (or his parents?) wrote, “Emergency Couple’s Gook/ Kwon Joon young with hyung Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) who smells like flowers. Many people have shown love for Joon Young, but Choi Jin Hyuk has especially shown his affection as he always washed his hands before holding Joon Young.Thank you.”

The adorable photos completely displayed Choi Jin Hyuk’s affection towards the baby, and perhaps also depicted his fatherly instincts!

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