Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and Kim Moo Yul to Complete Military Service Despite Injuries

2014-04-04 17:25:33 2014-04-04 17:25:33

Both currently serving in the military, Sangchu of Mighty Mouth and actor Kim Moo Yul are determined to carry out their duty despite physical injuries.

According to a representative of Sangchu, the singer has been hospitalized for around six months after undergoing surgery in the military hospital to treat his shoulder and ankle.

The source revealed, “He had problems with his shoulder even before enlisting in the army, but due to his determination to serve as an active-duty soldier, he enlisted after receiving treatment. While training and working, his state got worse, and he received surgery on both his shoulder and ankle. Since then, he has undergone physical therapy and other treatments.”

“People have been commenting on the long-term hospitalization of Sangchu, but we acted according to the medical corps’ suggestion to undergo surgery, and he is now receiving treatment. Sangchu is not hospitalized as a result of faking his illness or favoritism,” the source continued.

“In his current state, Sangchu could apply for discharge due to disability, but his will to complete his service is strong,” the representative concluded.

Kim Moo Yul’s agency Prain TPC revealed that the actor recently underwent surgery due to a knee injury. As the officials have already conducted a medical investigation, there is a possibility that he will be discharged early. However, his agency expressed their stance, “He will return to the military and complete his service.”

Both Sangchu and Kim Moo Yul entered the army in October 2012, and they will finish their military service in July or August.