EXO’s Suho and Xiumin Give Intense Gazes in New Teaser Images

2014-04-05 19:49:02 2014-04-05 19:49:02

EXO has released its next set of member teaser images for its impending comeback. So far, teasers images of Chanyeol and Kris, D.O. and Lay, Sehun and Tao, and Kai and Luhan have been released. These new images feature Suho of EXO-K and Xiumin of EXO-M. These images continue the concept of intense reflection and unfocused haze that the previous teasers have shown. Suho is reflected in color in his image, while Xiumin stares intensely back at the camera lens that do not give a clear focus.

EXO will hold their comeback showcase, “EXO’s Comeback Show,” on April 15, where they will reveal their new album. After promoting together as twelve members for a couple of weeks, EXO will split into EXO-K and EXO-M to focus on the promotions in Korea and China, respectively.