Harim Steps Down From Radio MC Position to Focus on Music

2014-04-05 05:03:46 2014-04-05 05:03:46

Singer and MC Harim has announced that he will leave his position as a radio MC.

Known for entertaining the listeners on KBS CoolFM’s “Jo Jung Chi & Harim’s 2 O’Clock,” the talented singer expressed his will to focus on producing his next album, and thus decided to step down from the radio show.

He expressed his sadness upon leaving the program, “I could no longer maintain my position due to conflicting schedules of producing music, such as preparing for Shinchirim‘s second album and my personal album, and the radio show.”

Even though the news came as a shock to the MC duo’s supporting fans, it looks like Harim will return soon with a new album or two. 

Together with Jo Jung Chi, Harim has been hosting “Jo Jung Chi & Harim’s 2 O’Clock” since last October, and the popular radio program has entertained listeners at 2pm every day.