“K-Pop Star 3” Top 3 to Collaborate with 2NE1, Sunmi, and Peppertones

2014-04-05 13:05:28 2014-04-05 13:05:28

2NE1, Sunmi, and Peppertones of YG, JYP, and Antenna Music respectively will collaborate with the Top 3 of SBS’ survival program “K-Pop Star 3” for some very special stages.

The teams will stand on stage together on April 6, when the semi-final of “K-Pop Star” will take place. Bernard Park, Sam Kim, and Kwon Jin Ah will team up with the major agencies representative groups to showcase previously unseen charms.

Kwon Jin Ah and Sunmi can be expected to show a smooth but sexy performance, and the talented contestant will be giving a taste of her dancing skills by performing a sexy dance number. Just a few episodes back, Kwon Jin Ah gave her take on Sunmi’s hit song “24 Hours,” earning praises from the judges and viewers.

Bernard Park will join forces with Antenna Music’s modern rock group Peppertones and singer-songwriter Park Saebyul. The talented artists will transform Extreme‘s “More Than Words” into a modern rock version, which is said to blow the viewers away.

Sam Kim chose to remake 2NE1’s “Lonely,” and together with the four girls, he will perform a groovy version of the popular song. It has been revealed that meeting 2NE1 caused Sam Kim to blush and turn shy, revealing the hidden fanboy of the young man.

The producers commented, “The Top 3 prepared surprise stages with artists of the three companies. While practicing with currently active singers, everyone in the Top 3 improved a lot.”

Which collaboration are you looking forward to the most?