Onew Will Eat Just About Anything on “Laws of the Jungle”

2014-04-05 12:13:19 2014-04-05 12:13:19
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SHINee’s Onew’s peculiar appetite is drawing much attention.

On the April 4 broadcast of SBS’ “Laws of the Jungle in Borneo,” Onew joined as the new relay member. The cast spent the night in the “Orangutan Forest.”

The “Byungman Tribe” decided to eat coconuts for dinner, and they served the coconut to their newest family member, Onew.

After picking the coconuts, Kim Byung Man and Im Won Hee had a taste. Their expressions seemed to describe the weird taste of the fruit. Contrary to coconuts from other islands, the Borneo coconuts were a yellowish color and were missing something in its taste.

Onew’s immediate reaction after tasting the coconut was “Wow.” However, he could not say anything more, since the coconut didn’t really have a taste.

Nevertheless, Onew finished drinking the coconut milk and ate the inside without hesitation. The other members spat out the pulp after one taste.

Moreover, Onew caused more surprised when he displayed no trouble chowing down the preserved filefish that was cooked over the open fire. The filefish was very salty since it was continuously salted many times for preservation. 

All of the other cast members thought the filefish was too salty to eat. Onew agreed it tasted salty, but ate the fish nonetheless. After witnessing Onew’s appetite, Kim Byung Man said, “He has no sense of taste. His appetite is from out of this world.”

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