Park Hae Jin Is a Serious Surgeon in “Doctor Stranger” Character Stills

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park hae jin

Upcoming drama “Doctor Stranger” released character stills of actor Park Hae Jin as a handsome but serious surgeon.

In the photos Park Hae Jin’s sharp eyes shine as his character, Han Jae Joon. In one photo he wears a crisp gray suit and in another his character is ready for an operation in his scrubs. 

In the drama, Han Jae Joon is a genius doctor who was formerly a Associate professor at Harvard University. He is now the head surgeon of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery department at his hospital, the best in the country. His character will be a cool and collected heartbreaker, with his perfect manners and handsome face. 

To prepare for his role, Park Hae Jin studied documentaries and videos to become fully immersed in his role as a heart surgeon.

park hae jin

“Doctor Stranger” will air its first episode on April 28.

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