Jay Park Drops Album Cover Art for Upcoming Single

2014-04-06 19:01:04 2014-04-06 19:01:04

Great news for Jay Park fans! He’ll be back at the end of this week!

His new single “Metronome” will drop on April 11 at noon, which marks nine months since his previous work “I Like 2 Party.” Not only did he focus on the music, Jay Park also spent equal attention on the artistic style of the music video.

“Metronome” is what fans can call a “dream team” project as it features his partner and co-CEO of AOMG Simon D with his emotional rap along with labelmate Gray with his addictive hooks.

This will also mark the return of Simon D to the music scene after a nine-month hiatus, as he has not been active as a musician after the highly publicized “Diss Battle” that took place last year.

A representative from AOMG stated, “The song combines Gray’s unique beat, Jay Park’s vocal and rap along with Simon’s rap. The song will be able to showcase AOMG’s unique flair.”

Meanwhile, the artists of AOMG will be on Mnet’s reality program “Four Things Show” on April 15.

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