Kara’s Gyuri Holds a Surprise Fan Meeting in Brazil

2014-04-06 22:50:05 2014-04-06 22:50:05

Girl group Kara’s Gyuri recently held a surprise fan meeting by herself in Brazil.

On March 24, Gyuri left for Brazil to film the new SBS variety program, “SNS Expedition: UP for Now,” where she traveled around San Paolo, Rio, Iguazu, etc. On April 4, she announced on her Twitter that she would be holding a fan meeting that she herself prepared.

Before the Kara leader left for Brazil, of ten wish list items, the ‘surprise fan meeting’ hit number one on the “Up for Now” homepage, and fans were curious as to whether or not it would actually happen. On the other side of things, Gyuri had similar concerns, worried if the surprise fan meeting would succeed with just a day’s notice. While she is the leader of Kara, a group extremely popular in both Korea and Japan, the surprise fan meeting was to be held halfway across the world in Brazil, and Gyuri’s nervousness showed in her Twitter post: “We’ll be seeing each other at three, right:? You’ll come, won’t you?”

And it was quite the success. Thankful for the fans’ attendance, Gyuri took care to meet with each fan, shaking everyone’s hand and giving out autographs. “I was so nervous, and I think I’ll remember it forever,” Gyuri said.

You can follow Gyuri and the “Up for Now “ cast’s trip to Brazil in real time on their official Twitter, @1danUPgo.