Dok2 and The Quiett Confirmed as Judges for “Show Me the Money” Season 3

2014-04-07 06:02:55 2014-04-07 06:02:55

Rappers Dok2 and The Quiett will be joining the third season of MNet’s survival show “Show Me the Money” as producers.

A source in the music industry recently revealed to TV Report, “Dok2 and The Quiett will appear on ‘Show Me the Money 3’ as judges (producers). The two will form a team and lead the contestants starting from the first audition.”

The two musicians are influential figures in the underground scene, known for representing 1llionaire Records. In addition to Dok2 and The Quiett, other popular rappers will join the show as producers.

For two seasons, “Show Me the Money” has provided aspiring rap stars with a chance to showcase their skills in front of experienced producers and future fans. Rappers Vasco, New Champ, ULT, Giriboy, and Born Kim have already been confirmed for the upcoming third season.

Last year, the talented crews of producers Lee Hyun Do and MC Meta went against each other, and three-member hip hop group Soul Dive was finally crowned the winner of the exciting season.