Eddy Kim Reveals Beautiful “The Manual” MV and Debut Album Tracklist

2014-04-07 10:17:06 2014-04-07 10:17:06
eddy kim

After making a wonderful debut with “2 Years Apart,” Eddy Kim has released yet another music video, this time for “The Manual.”

In the beautiful and harmonious video released on April 7, the rookie artist can be seen playing his guitar while exploring the rivers and streets of Amsterdam. Thanks to its gorgeous filmography, not to mention Eddy Kim’s outstanding vocals, it is difficult not to fall love with the acoustic song.

In addition, Mystic89 has unveiled the full tracklist of Eddy Kim’s debut album, set to drop on April 11. The artist himself has written and composed all of the six songs, and fellow Mystic89 musicians Cho Jung Chi and Postino have helped him out with the arrangement. So far, “2 Years Apart” and “The Manual” off the album have been released, and we can only have high expectations for the remaining four tracks.

Check out the music video for “The Manual” below, and stay tuned for Eddy Kim’s debut album release on April 11!

eddy kim