Hyun Bin’s “The King’s Wrath” to Premiere in North America

2014-04-07 06:04:06 2014-04-07 06:04:06

Good news for Hyun Bin‘s fans in North America! You will get a chance to catch the actor in his comeback movie and first historical role. It has been announced that his movie, The King’s Wrath,” will hit theaters in North America in May.

According to a report, a representative of the production company said “The King’s Wrath” is set to open in North American theaters on May 23, with an expected total of 25 cinemas across the continent screening the film. Distribution of “The King’s Wrath” in North America is managed by Dream West, which was also responsible for the overseas distribution of Korean movies such as “Secretly, Greatly,” “Coronary,” and “Friend 2.”

The report said Dream West is looking towards good results for “The King’s Wrath,” with Hyun Bin in the lead alongside director Lee Jae Kyu of the dramas “Beethoven Virus” and “The King 2 Hearts.” It also has good support in actors Han Ji Min, Jung Jae Young, Jo Jung Suk, Kim Sung Ryung, Jo Jae Hyun and Park Sung Woong

“The King’s Wrath” premieres in cinemas in Korea on April 30.