Male Duo 2BiC Tries “Plastic Surgery” for Fourth Teaser for “Love Game”

2014-04-07 20:24:26 2014-04-07 20:24:26

There aren’t many days left before 2BiC releases its second mini album “Soulmate.”

On April 8, the group dropped the fourth video teaser for title track “Love Game.” Just like the other teasers, this one is slightly comedic and a little outside of the norm. But, what is the norm these days as artists try to outdo one another left and right?

This teaser is set in a plastic surgeon’s office and the doctor unwraps the bandage from one of the members to show an “improved” face. Unlike the other teasers, trot singer Hong Jin Young is not present.

“Soulmate” will be available for purchase from April 10.