SM Entertainment Releases “Let Me In” MV from “Make Your Move” Soundtrack

2014-04-07 02:28:36 2014-04-07 02:42:57

SM Entertainment just released the music video for “Let Me In,” a song off the soundtrack of upcoming movie “Make Your Move.” The film is scheduled for release on April 18. What will truly amaze you when you watch the music video is that Derek Hough has a fairly impressive set of vocals! With “Let Me In,” Derek Hough proved that he not only can dance – but sing, compose AND write lyrics! 

The music video features a montage of romantic and sizzling bits from the movie, “Make Your Move,” between singer BoA and Derek Hough, who are sort-of star-crossed lovers from rival dance groups, falling head-over-heels for each other. Other scenes show Derek Hough strumming an acoustic guitar at the studio and working with Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman, who also had a hand in writing the lyrics for “Let Me In.” 

Check out the music video below!