“K-Pop Star 2’s” 2000 Won Releases Music Video Teaser for Upcoming Debut

2014-04-08 19:14:01 2014-04-08 19:14:01
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Many will remember 2000 Won as one of the contestants from SBS‘ “K-Pop Star 2.” Now, the duo plan to make their debut through their new song “Don’t Like Seoul Anymore.” The duo consisting of Kim Il Do and Kim Hyo Bin first made their impression when they auditioned for the singing show back in 2012. Although they did not make it as the final winners, 2000 Won seems to have finally made it to the Korean music industry.

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The teaser starts with Kim Il Do’s strong rap followed by a melody that foreshadows Kim Hyo Bin’s sweet vocals. “Don’t Like Seoul Anymore” depicts the bitter feelings of a man after a break up, and the subsequent feelings towards the memories made in Seoul. 

2000 Won’s first mini album will be released on online music sites at 12PM on April 11 (KST). Check out the teaser below!

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