PSY’s Advice to Lee Seung Gi: “You Need a Lot of Experience with Women”

2014-04-08 08:41:59 2014-04-08 08:41:59
lee seung gi

Singer Lee Seung Gi appeared on the recent episode of “Healing Camp” with his mentor Lee Sun Hee.  During the show, he revealed the story behind his debut track, “Because You’re My Girl.”

“Because You’re My Girl” was composed and written by PSY. Lee Seung Gi said, “Originally, the song wasn’t called ‘Because You’re My Girl,’ but just ‘Noona,’ [‘older sister/woman’]” and said he had difficulty with the direction of the song, and what it was supposed to mean.

Seeing him struggle, Lee Seung Gi said that PSY gave him a single piece of advice. “No matter what, you need a lot of experience with women.”

“Then or now, PSY looks and acts the same,” Lee Seung Gi said. “At the time, I was 18-years-old. Now, at 28, if I were to sing that song again, it would make me cringe.”