Orange Caramel’s Nana Explains Dating Rumors with Kim Soo Hyun

2014-04-09 04:00:39 2014-04-09 05:37:53

On the April 8 broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” Orange Caramel was invited as the special guest. 

On the show MC Shin Dong said, “I actually heard rumors that Nana is dating actor Kim Soo Hyun.”

Nana commented, “I knew about the rumors. I heard it from the staff that told me they heard it from the reporters, but there’s no smoke without fire,” denying the dating rumors involving her and Kim Soo Hyun.

She added, “I think it’s because I pointed out that Kim Soo Hyun is my ideal type.” 

Group member Raina remarked, “There were a couple of instances where Kim Soo Hyun said his favorite girl group is Orange Caramel. It seems that’s how the rumors started.”

Do you think that Nana and Kim Soo Hyun would make a good couple?

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