Park Jin Young Ranks No.1 For Revenues Earned from Music Copyright for Three Years Straight

2014-04-09 15:40:30 2014-04-09 15:45:06

Singer and producer, Park Jin Young was named the composer with the most revenue from music copyright for three consecutive years.

On April 8, the Korean Music Copyright Association released a report, “2013 Composer Revenue Aggregate,” Park Jin Young was reported to have received the most revenues from his music copyright. He has received this title for three years straight since 2011.

2013 was not only a successful year for Park Jin Young, but it was also a year where K-Pop made a global hit spreading not only throughout Asia but also all over the world. Countless composers and producers took on the challenge to take Park Jin Young’s spot on the list, but he reigned on top of the list once again.

As an active singer, producer, composer and actor, Park Jin Young produced many frontrunners in the K-Pop industry including Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, and GOT7. He has released about 50 tracks, which topped the music charts as a trendsetter in the Asian music industry.

Park Jin Young also worked with artists from Japan (SMAP), China (F4, Jacky Cheung) and the U.S. (Will Smith, Mase, Cassie). SMAP ranked No.1 on the Oricon Chart with the song composed by Park Jin Young. Will Smith, Mase and Cassie’s albums featuring Park Jin Young’s tracks ranked in the top 10 on the Billboard Charts.  

Park Jin Young’s activities can be checked on the Korea Music Copyright Association homepage.

Congratulations JYP!