Shinhwa Company Retracts Earlier Confirmation of Eric Dating Actress Na Hye Mi

2014-04-09 09:08:48 2014-04-09 09:08:48

While Shinhwa Company confirmed earlier in the day of April 9 KST that its artist Eric was dating 12 years younger actress Na Hye Mi, the agency has now come out to retract its statement.

Shinhwa Company released a statement stating, “After directly confirming the situation with both parties, it seems the two have never been in a romantic relationship in the past and continue to be only close senior-junior, oppa-dongsaeng to each other. We are officially announcing that Eric and Na Hye Mi are not dating.”

The agency explained its earlier confirmation that the two were dating as a miscommunication. It said, “It seems there was some confusion internally [inside the company] while trying to relay the fact that Eric and Na Hye Mi have had a close friendship for a long time.”

Shinhwa Company also apologized for the delay in this confirmation and the confusion in the news.